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how to use label in SW, not full render application

Question asked by Kevin Vaughan on Jul 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2010 by Kevin Vaughan

I have simple labels I want to apply to a panel.  I want to show the orientation of the labels, so they need to be visible in drawings, and in assemblies that use the parts.  I started looking into decals and photoworks, but I understand this is going away.  I am looking for an alternative to extruding text (performance hog) 


The information should reside in the SW file, so it can be seen by others, needs to be compatible with EPDM


As I understand it, the best approach is to create a jpg of the label, read into photoworks and create a decal, save the information with th eSW file.


The trouble I have is not all users see the same thing after I have gone through this excersise

Also if photoworks is going away, why would I bother learning....


so whats the best thing for labels these days?