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SW 2010-11 Never ending splash screen

Question asked by 1-NJYU2R on Jul 16, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2010 by 1-NJYU2R

I am a student at UF and just installed SW.  My VPN is setup and working, but when I open the program, the splash screen comes up but the program never loads and the splash doesn't go away.  I have not gotten solidworks to run successfully yet, any ideas of how to fix this?


Here's my info from running SW Rx:


Manufacturer: NVIDIA  Corporation
Card: GeForce GT  240M/PCI/SSE2
Your current graphics card/driver combination is not in the SolidWorks  systems/graphics card database.
Card/driver combination information  can be found at: diagnostics test.

You are using a currently supported operating system.

Passed diagnostics test.

The system environmental variable named TEMP has been set.

Passed diagnostics test.

Write access is set for the TEMP directory.

Passed diagnostics test.


System TEMP directory: 51.1 GB

Diagnostic warning. Review the information provided.

The SolidWorks Backup Directory has not been set. Please set in  Tools\Options\Backups.

Diagnostic warning. Review the information provided.

The SolidWorks Journal file directory has not been set. Please set in  Tools\Options\File Locations.

Passed diagnostics test.


Drive C:\: 51.1 GB of free space

Passed diagnostics test.Total System Memory - 3.99 GB
This amount of RAM  is acceptable for assemblies with greater than 2500 components and parts greater  than 1000 features.
The total amount of RAM required is based on the size of  the dataset used and other open applications.Passed diagnostics test.Free System Memory - 2.76 GB
You should have  sufficient free physical RAM to run SolidWorks effectively. If you exceed the  physical RAM, your system performance will be seriously degraded.Diagnostic warning. Review the information provided.

Could not open the service pack database, the server may be busy, please try  again later.  #

Diagnostic warning. Review the information provided.

A process sldworks.exe is currently running, if a SolidWorks session is not  active; kill this process using the Task Manager.

Diagnostic warning. Review the information provided.

Toolbox is loaded on a local drive. This may not be an appropriate location  if the toolbox parts are shared. See the Installation Guides at for more  information.




Thanks for all the input,