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error: Path for log file is not writable

Question asked by michael megiveron on Jul 16, 2010
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{Question: What does the following error message, "The Path for log file is not writable" mean when trying to import a file? 

Answer: This message means that SolidWorks can not write to the directory where this file resides. All imported files create a log file in the directory where they are stored. If SolidWorks cannot write to this directory, this message will occur. Permissions will need to be changed to be able to write to this directory or this file can be copied to a user’s temporary directory.  A shared drive could also be provided on the network for this purpose.}



Is the log file created in the directory the file being imported resides? I am also getting this message when trying to import ProE data but I am sure I have write access to that directory. If log files save in some other default location, say in program files/solidworks  somewhere, can it be changed as I know I can not write to that directory?