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Large assemblies rendering strangely

Question asked by Damon Frashure on Jul 15, 2010
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by Jennifer Vinson

I have some pretty large assemblies (few thousand parts active, and boat loads suppressed or hidden), and  when I've been having some strange renders come up.  Instead of having everything show up nicely ordered as I've constrained it, They show up offset, at random angles and disjoint.  Also, when I try to click on these images nothing happens.  If I click where I know the assemblies should be, then it will in fact highlight the face as though it's really there.  I did just get a new workstation, and switched from XP Pro to Windows 7 Pro if that makes a difference.  I've made sure to update my video card drivers with the lastest available on HawkRidges website.  Has anyone else seen this happen and if so how did you get everything to play nicely together again?  Thanks in advance.