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Convective versus radiant heat flux

Question asked by 1-PKJ6XI on Jul 15, 2010

I am running simulation to predict raidant and convective heat flux from a tube heater with a certain temperautre profile.I have set the gravity in the "General settings" to take care about convection. I have input firing rate of 100,000 BTU/H. I want to know the percentage of this total heat arriving as a net radiant heat on the floor as  well the heat loss by convection.


In teh goal plot, there is only arriving, leaving, net radiant heat flux. I cannot see the convective heat flux.

Even, when I ran the model, I can plot the radiant heat flux (net, leaving, arriving) only. I cannot see anything about convection in the parameter list.


is there anything I have to set in the general settings or initial conditions.


Please advise.