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Has anyone found broken mates not showing as broken in the design tree after carrying out an 'replace component' operation in an assembly?

Question asked by Peter Clark on Jul 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2010 by Peter Clark

I have been working on a large - ish assembly (1800 parts) and recently I have experienced and more unexplained crashes with no warming other than an long rebuild time or just dumping out on save. I have really put my computer through the mill at my IT specialists and even replaced the hard drive on their advice (just in case a few bad clusters were part of the problem) nothing sees to be reducing the problem of the crashes though.

Recently another smaller assembly killed SolidWorks after a simple replace component operation - eventually I re-booted and got the replace component to work and spotted that some of the mated parts were out of position but were still moving in an assembly limit mate. on closer inspection I found several of the concentric mates were not ok and only on opening for editing could I see the 'lost face' reported. On looking at the mate type it was a simple 'concentric to' the reason for the loss of the mate was the 'old' part was a machined prototype and the 'new part was a moulding with drafted faces, in 2008 this would have resulted in a long rebuild time after the change and a red design tree! in some cases in the past I have had assemblies crash SolidWorks if the mate conflict is too severe. Now what bothers me is that although the mate errors were easy and simple to resolve if I had not spotted them I would have carried on with the assembly work unaware of the mate problem - perhaps to the point of killing the SolidWorks application. is it possible that Ii have loads of mate errors in the large assembly and this is what is killing my machine - I have to go through thousands of mates to check now... Unless someone knows better?


As of today this bug now has an official SPR (567642) but is only considered medium priority as I am the only one who has a problem???




This has all began after moving up to 2010.