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Question asked by William Dalpe on Jul 15, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 16, 2010 by William Dalpe

Fellow Solidworks Geeks,


I want to embed a viewable, rotatable model into a PDF file. I first started out with the add-on in SolidWorks Labs but I cannot get it to work so let's forget that option for now. I have a PDF program called Nuance and is a pretty good PDF generation package and gives Adobe a run for their money in a lot of areas. Anyway, in Nuance I can insert a U3D file right into a PDF and then poof there you have it, or that's what I thought.


I generated the U3D file in SW 2010 x64 SP 4.0 (Windows 7 x64). When I went to insert the U3D file nuance said that the U3D file was of an older version and wouldn't render correctly...and it didn't. Does anyone know if this isi a bug in SW or if there is a 3rd party plug in that will generate different versions of an U3D file? I know, I know you're going to say purchase Adobe but I refuse to pay $700 for it. There is another program out there called Bluebeam that I still need to check out but I figured I'd go the experts......any help would be appreciated.


-Bill Dalpe