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    Web client and shared files

    Don Jordan

      I thought I had a Solidworks document that said it is not recommended to use paste as shared files, especially assemblies, as a way of populating an EPDM folder for a web user to access. Of course I cannot find this again, so..
      Does anyone know if this is still frowned apon or if it is no longer a problem?

      Is it a common practice to use paste as shared? I have had the permission turned off until we started using web client for vendor access.

      Now I want to populate a single folder with files to share to a specific vendor but do not want to do moving, so would like to do share but remember that it was not recommended for assemblies.

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          Tim Webb

          This is an old post but wanted to chime in.


          I don't know any EPDM admins who recommend using paste shared with CAD data due to references and deep problems that can occur. Also, the web client doesn't support transitioning CAD data if the transition will create a new version through either updating variables in the data card.


          We use a vendor access folder where document control publishes/shares the PDF and STEP files for our machine shop vendors to get access to the data they need to machine parts for us. (Sorry for the blacked out areas)


          9-12-2012 10-49-21 AM.jpg


          I've created an addin that monitors these folders so if files are transitioned out of the "Released" state an email is triggered to supply chain and the vendor notifying them the files are being revised which will begin conversations about the impact of the changes. It is a workaround for not having a properly implemented ECO/ECN process.


          We also use the web client and shared files for transferring live data to outside contract engineering firms. But the web client doesn't support transitioning CAD data if a new version is created so engineering does a pack and go of the assembly and transitions the zip file to the outside engineering firm.


          Hope this helps.