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Parametrizing and sensitivity analysis

Question asked by 1-PKJ6XI on Jul 14, 2010

I am running Flow simulation for a tube which has a certian temperature distribution. The tube is attached also to a source of constant temperature of 650 F.


The goal is to predict the net heat flux distribution on the floor.


I would like to also study the effect of changing the soruce temperature as a parameter on the heat flux distribution on the floor. For example, I would like to change the soruce temperature to 700 F,800 F, 1000 F.


I can clone the project each time and change the source temperature and start new calculation but this is time consuming and take extensive hours.


Will there be any faster way without cloning the project to run simulation and graph the heat flux distribution on the floor as a function of the source temperautre?


Please advise the steps involved and how I will run the project with changing this parameter?