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Making a SolidWorks drawing template

Question asked by 1-SDIWLE on Jul 14, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2010 by Wayne Tiffany

I am new to solidworks and I would like to make a generic drawing template.  I know that you can load a solidworks drawing template that includes the title block and border but I wanted to know how to start from scratch.  I noticed that the border in the template is made up of actual lines that can be moved and dimensioned.  Is that how a border is created, drawn on a blank sheet, or is there a way to add a border of a certain size like from a dialog or properties.  I also noticed that the title block is made up of lines as well, is that how a custom title block is created, justed sketched out.  The other question I have is shown in the attached picture of a drawing sheet.  The sheet has a alpahnumeric coordinate grid like a map (not sure what the correct name for this is) to locate things on large drawings.  Does solidworks have a way to generate this or is it just drawn with added notes for the numbers and letters.


Thank You