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    Help with Draftsight

      I have recently downloaded DraftSight which is the new 2D cad that Solidworks provides. It seems to work okay, but their are some serious problems with its printing capabilities. I did go on the DraftSight forum and ask about it, but have recieved no answers to my question about not being able to print with it (I have an HP 8 1/2" x 11" standard printer) Can anyone help me with this issue. please. Most of my customers work in 2D Acad, and they send me stuff by email that I have to print out. I do not have Acad myself, and don't want to purchase it.----Brian

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          Kelvin Lamport

          What exactly is the printing problem are you having? Poor quality or simply won't print?


          You could also try posting at http://eng-tips.com/threadminder.cfm?pid=1480

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            Alan Stoldt



            Apparently draftsight isn't a Solidworks product, but is made by DS. (I was told to use purple for sarcasm ((directed at DS, not you)) )


            As such, they have a special forum dedicated to that product.


            You may find they answer there.




            You must register there seprately from your SW Customer portal or SW Forum.


            Good luck,





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              Alan---I have registered with DraftSight and posed the question, but no one there has answered it.  Thats why I posed the question on a solidworks forum. I would think that since this package is "offered" on the Solidworks website, and since they seem to have no trouble cashing my $1600 subsctription cheque each year, that just MAYBE they (Solidworks) could find it in their heart to help me out.---Brian

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                This has become somewhat of a non-issue. I called my solidworks provider today, and they said that DraftSight is a Beta program, and if the print function didn't work right, they were not surprised.  Now here is the catch---You can still download DWGeditor from the Solidworks website, but only if you are logged in. If you are not logged in, then the option does not appear in the "free" 2D downloads section. Once I logged in, then the DWGeditor download became visible, and I was able to download it---however the print function wouldn't work on it either. Then I removed the DraftSight from my computer, and now the DWGeditor program will print okay. ----Weird stuff!!!

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                  John Picinich



                  I to have problems printing from the current DraftSight Beta version.  This issue has been reported and is being looked at.


                  As a workaround, I've had success exporting my drawings to PDF, and printing from Adobe Reader.  Not ideal, but a potential solution.


                  Hope this helps.


                  - John

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                    Jeremy Adelman

                    Quick fix - Restart the print spooler on the local machine, that is how I got it to work. Not a great fix, but at least it will get them printing.