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Increment rev on transition regardless of change

Question asked by Jack Sanford on Jul 13, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 14, 2010 by Jack Sanford

The “Default Workflow” that comes with Enterprise will increment a part/assy/drawing revision if it is sent through workflow regardless of whether it was changed since the previous revision. Is there a way I can setup workflow to bump the revision of changed files only?


Here is what I’m trying to accomplish:

Let’s say I have 1 assembly with 2 parts all at rev A in the Approved State.



Assy1 (rev A)

                Part1 (rev A)

                Part2 (rev A)


By design I have the “Approved” state prevent users from checking out documents so I change them all to WIP state to check them all out. As it turns out I only have to change Part1 and Assy1 queuing them up to be Rev B. On check in of the assembly, and all parts, Enterprise automatically un-does the checkout of Part2 to so it remains Rev A (unchanged - works great).



Assy1 (next rev B)

                Part1 (next rev B)

                Part2 (rev A)


The problem is when I change the State of the assembly and all the parts back to “Approved” the revision on Part2 changes from Rev A to Rev B even though it it was not changed the transition increments it.



Assy1 (rev B)

                Part1 (rev B)

                Part2 (rev B) should be A


Is there a condition or another way to change the state transition so it won’t change the Rev if it’s not been checked out or changed since the previous? I know we can check out files incrementally as needed, but our designs have several dependencies and it’s difficult to tell what will need to be changed before hand, so it’s easier to check them all out and let Enterprise determine what has changed on the next check in.