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Framed Structure Analysis in Assembly (with pictures)

Question asked by Mark McGee on Jul 13, 2010
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2010 by Mark McGee

I am doing a structural analysis on a welded frame which supports a 3500 pound x-ray enclosure. I first ran the simulation as a weldment part with the loads applied to the supporting beams. Now I have run it as an assembly to compare the results. The assembly has two parts: the frame weldment which is treated as beams and the box which has a weight of 3500 pounds. I have restrained the frame at four joints on the bottom beams. I have applied a bonded contact set between the supporting beams and the box. This does not allow the beams to flex, so it is not a representative model. From my reading, it appears I need a 'no penetration' contact set to allow the beams to flex. But this type of contact set does not seem to work with beams. When I select a beam face it tells me "Invalid entity on beam body was selected". So am I limited to 'bonded' contact set type?


The Assembly:

Frame and Enclosure.jpg

Joints, Restraints, and Contact Sets:

Contact Sets, Joints, and Fixtures.jpg

Axial Stress Results:

Axial Stress.jpg

Displacement Results: