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Custom Icons for EPDM Items

Question asked by Kishore Garakipati on Jul 13, 2010



With the Item Centric functionality in EPDM, I would like to see if there a way to differentiate between any two different Item types with different ICONS. Right now there is only way Item ICON representation and it is difficult for us to differentiate between different Items in EPDM.


Ex: Can we differentiate between a MAKE part and a BUY part in Item Centric EPDM with the help of different ICON representations.



Unfortunately, there is no proper documentation to handle the above scenario and I appreciate if someone can provide some more light.


Note: I did tried differentiating different items by capturing the item variable definitions in the Item data card. But this is not helping me as I would like to see a quick-snap difference at the first glance in the Item Explorer. Is it possible. Please shed some approaches (if any) before me raising an SPR to SolidWorks.