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Customize Keyboard options- change from 09-10?

Question asked by 1-SBQD8A on Jul 12, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2010 by Kelvin Lamport

Hey guys,

My work updated my 2009 install to 2010, and when that happened, I lost a bunch of my customizations. Most of the stuff is back in place, but when I went to redo my keyboard options, I couldn't find a lot of the customizations. In particular, in 2009 I had

(file) make drawing from assembly

(view) turn camera

(view) rotate

(view) roll

(insert) new assembly

(insert) mate

(insert) sketch


and there are some more. In '09, none of these were keyboard shortcuts by default; I had to add them in. However, in 2010 I can't find the option to add these particular shortcuts.


Did they limit the customization options, or am I missing something?