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Can I solve one model sequentially with separating two parts and two step?

Question asked by 1-S91QBB on Jul 11, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2010 by 1-E9V5A2


My model usually consists with one group of large parts, and the other group of small parts. I had issue and too much complexity to solve entire model at one time.

Therefore, I am wondering if I can separate two groups, then solve large part first, then use and apply the displacement results from first result to bonding portions of 2'nd model as loads.


Below is the simplified example of my model consisting with "one larget Silicon die (2mmx2mm), then the other small strucutre 0.2x0.2mm which bonded on top and center of large silicon surface. My goal is to solve the modeling for large silicon first, then apply the displacement results to the 4 supporting pads on small structure.


1)below shows entire model with Si die and smaller structure

Si + small structure.bmp


2) below is the example stress results to deform Si-die with suppressing smaller structure

Si result.bmp

3) below is the small structure with 4pads bonded on top of Si-Die

small structure.bmp


Would anyone advise and comment if there is a way to apply deformed surface postion of the 4pads to small strucutre as loads, so I can solve the modeling separately between Si-Die and small strucgture? as you may guess, my model consists of large parts and small part, so it's difficult to solve at one time....Is there way..somehow make the link the places of 4bonding pads on top of si-die surface...before and after deformation results, then make the deforemation automatically apply to 2'nd model bonding loads?


any comments or feedback will be appreicated.