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Edit part transparency functionality changes in 2010 sp4.0

Question asked by Rick Warne on Jul 9, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2011 by Jeff Mowry

In my current workflow of designing parts with in an assembly sometimes I'll make the part I'm editing transparent to be able to relate sketches to a mating part.  Before sp4.0 the I would click on a part, change transparency with the change transparency incon (which instantly changes the transparency), click the edit part icon and then add my sketch to my transparent part.  Now using the same sequence the part will be transparent before i hit the edit part icon and as soon as I hit the edit part icon the part goes back to opaque.  In my system setting it is set to maintain assembly transparency.  I've submitted this to my VAR as a problem and they could reproduce it.  They submitted this problem to Solidworks and their response is that this function has always been broken and they finally fixed it.  I don't understand how of all the versions in the past it worked, atleast how I felt it should, and now it doesn't function in a manner that I could see being useful for anyone.  Does anyone else use this functionality?  Does anyone like the new functionality better?  The VAR told me to submit it as an enhancement request but we all know that enhancement requests only work if enough people want it.  Any comments would be appreciated.