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    Dim arrow magic

    Peter De Vlieger



      Dim arrow of a placed dim has one full and one empty arrow

      where one can see in the left sidebar that the arrows should be empty and that the placement should be "smart"

      Altering the arrow settings here does affect the dim that was selected




      Document properties dicate that it should be full

      and that the placement of the arrows shouldn't be smart but inside




      Annotations dicates that it should be full even for annotations




      One dim has two arrows empty and another has one empty and one full arrow


      All this on one computer, in the same document.

      How can the settings be different from each other depending on where you see it?

      How can the arrow on the one side of a dim be different from the other side, and why would one need that, use that or want that?

      Why does it happen on the one dim but not on all dims?


      Between True dims not always being true. True dims changing to projected for no apparent reason and without notification. Marked for drawing dims which won't allow for text to be added and now the dim arrows themselves acting up..... I'm starting to rubber neck to find where the Candid Camera is hidden.

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          Kelvin Lamport

          Have you tried;


          Running a repair?

          Resetting the registry?

          A non-modified Drafting Standard?

          Copying the settings from anothe rmachine which does not exhibit this problem?

          A clean re-install?

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              Peter De Vlieger

              Which are all valid ways to get to fix the issue.


              Still leaves the questions of why would it or could it do that on that particular drawing and not when I make a new one with the same template from the same 3d model on the same computer?


              What I really would like is why it does it in the first place?

              Because I'm getting rather fed up with having to redo,restore, re-start, reboot, reset (registry), re-install (every 2 months or so)

              while the only thing that I'm trying to do is make piping drawings.

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                  Tony Cantrell

                  Why not use the "SolidWorks RX"

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                      Peter De Vlieger

                      Tony, the short answer :  Because Rx seldom works


                      The long answer :


                      Do keep in mind that SW did work normally in the drawings before, it does work normally in the drawings since then and there was nothing changed to the setup, nothing that could have influenced the registry nor the SW settings before,during nor after the making of that drawing.

                      Btw, I fixed that drawing by changing the type of arrowhead in one dimension and then use format painter to set them all similiar.


                      If you mean to use Rx to report the problem then you know as well as I do that it takes more time to report the problem then it takes to fix it and that the chances that one get an answer within a reasonable time frame is not likely.


                      Besides, that is if Rx works as it should, which happens more not then it does.

                      Reinstalling once again just because Rx is on the blink, again, no thank you.

                      BTW, Rx hardly ever works for my 2 collegues that also use SW.


                      Since september of last year I have installed SW'09, update when SP's came out, uninstalled it, cleaned up the pc, installed SW 10, formatted the harddrive, installed SW 10, always installing the SP's, reset the registry, had an audit by my VAR, soon will be installing SW 10 once more but this time on a brand new bigger quicker workstation (64) which sole purpose will be to run SW 10 and I hope, but am doubtful, that there will be an improvement in stability.


                      All I want is to draw. All I get paid for is to make piping drawings.

                      When I want to fiddle with computers then I do that in my spare time because I want to not because I have to.


                      Does Rx always work as advertised for you ?