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Refresh of local view file folder very slow

Question asked by Allen Hudson on Jul 8, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2010 by Allen Hudson

Hopefully someone here can fix my issue.


The PDMWorkgroup file folder (local view) is extremely slow.



Solidworks 2010 SP0

XP Pro


On my workstation the refresh of my local file folder, both through Solidworks and Solidworks Explorer, a refresh of my local file folder is very slow.


In fact, any operation that requires a "look" at my local file folder is very slow. If browsing the vault, if seems fairly fast.


If i perform functions (rename or delete) via windows explorer in the local file folder, it is fast.


My laptop which is configured exactly the same as workstation is very fast in all regards, and it is looking at the same Vault.


The workstation was completely rebuilt 2 weeks ago, and was fast originally then slowed.


The workstation was defragged this morning, no change in performance.


If i do a reboot, the refresh is fast once, then slows rapidly.


Makes no difference if there are 2 files or more files in the local file folder, still very slow, but it is alot slower with the more file present.



Thanks in advance