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3D Sketch, Helices, and Composite curve...

Question asked by Guy Veber on Jul 7, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2010 by 1-4EQZK9

I am creating an incandescent fluorescent light bulb.

And my idea was to create two helices intertwined and then use 3D sketch to connect the top of the helices together using a 3D spline, and connecting the two bottom helices to the base of the bulb using a similar 3D spline.  I would then create a composite curve by selecting all four entities (2x helices, 3x 3D splines) to make one complex curve.  Then create a circle at the end of the complex curve to be used as the profile for a sweep to create the fluorescent tube bulb for the incandescent light bulb.


However when I try to create the composite curve the relations added to the helices and splines give errors that there are discontinuity between the helices and 3D sketched splines.  The relations that are available when I created the 3D splines to the helices are only tangent and equal curvature.


I am stuck and not sure why the 3D sketch does not work when making this, it seems to be a simple composite curve?