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    Connecting Two Beam Frames

    Scott Pratt

      Hello All,

      I am doing a frequency analysis on a structure that is made up of two weldment frames. I treat the members of the two frames as beams. When I create a mesh, there isn't a connection between the two frames, as shown below. I tried to create a connection set to define the connection but cannot find one that works. Thoughts?



      Frame Connection.jpgFrame Connection2.jpg

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          Anthony Botting

          Hi Scott: It appears the beam end-joints are too far apart. I believe you can modify what is called a "pin-ball" radius, so it will cause the end joints to connect automatically within a certain distance (look in Help to find that topic!), but it might be best just to locate an actual component (such as a small square cross section bar). Then "update components" and right-click on the bar to choose "treat as beam". The software should then locate beam end-joints on it, and if close enough to the existing beam end-joints, will connect them using the "Edit joints" command. Just an idea. I know the beams are a bit of a challenge, but I'm not aware of other software that does this good of a job of 'converting' solid bodies to beam elements. -Tony