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    How to model a VAWT Wind Turbine?

      I am trying to modelate a Savonius VAWT with Flowsimulation. I am looking for the idle speed of the rotor so I am calculating the Torque given by different rotational speeds and with this I calculate the Power (P=angularvelocity x Torque) The problem is that I get unexpected oscilations in the results that it makes it totally unlogical. If somebody has an idea I would be really greatful.


      The initial conditions are the following:


      Inlet velocity in the wind channel : 7,5 m/s


      Outlet of the wind channel: environmental pressure


      Rotational speed: 0 - 100-200-300......1000 rpm


      Local mesh: Level 8 near the turbine


      Initial mesh: Level 4


      Convergence criterion: Torque 5e-3