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Piping libraries

Question asked by Bill McEachern on Jul 6, 2010
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by Edwin Thompson

Hi All,

New to routing and this forum. This has probably been asked before but does anyone know where one can get libraries for PVC  & CPVC plastic piping and fittings? Specifically looking for components as listed in :

ASTM D 1785 – pipe sched 40/80

ASTM D2466 – sched 40 fittings

ASTM D2467 – sched 80 fittings


It really dumbfounds me that the manufacturers of these things do not have libraries to supply their customers to get some control of the resulting BOM's. The .pdfs they supply with the dimensional info are brutal - no nice clean copy & paste to make the stuff easy to use. If they serve up CAD models they are really slow (GF to mention one) and they are dumb solids so building components for routing is not on.


The stuff with routing does not include any of the above listed components and there does not appear to be much on 3D content central. Anyone got one they want to sell? If so it would be nice if it was organized by schedule with design tables for the variations.