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Multiple View Design Tables in Drawings

Question asked by Amit Gupta on Jul 6, 2010

Hi All,


I have many parts with 50+ configurations.  The drawings for those parts often span multiple sheets.  I have been inserting the design table on sheet 1 and having all other pages refer to sheet 1 for notes, dimensions, tolerances etc.  My company wants to change and show the relavent part of the design table on each sheet.  The problem is that I can't seem to create multiple unique views of the design table in the drawings.  For example, if I show the first 10 rows and 5 columns on sheet 1 then that is the only view that I can insert onto sheet 2.  If I try to change the view on sheet 2, then the view on sheet 1 changes as well.  I need to maintain the property links so I don't think that a general table is an option.  I've checked the forums and this question has been asked but never adequately answered.  Anyone have a any ideas?  I'm on SW 2008 SP3.1.  Thanks!