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    FloWorks and Multi-Computer Simulations

    Karen Bumbaugh

      As part of a course, there are a few students who need to
      do computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations on
      portions of a vehicle. However, in order
      to do some of these simulations, the solver needs more
      memory than is available on their current systems.


      Does FloWorks allow for multi-computer simulations?  How is this set up?
      Would this solve the memory issue with existing hardware?

      I apologize if this is not posted on the correct section of the forum.


      Thank you,


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          Bill McEachern

          I am pretty sure that this is not a supported option. The software supports multiple processors and/or cores in the same box but it all needs to see the same memory.

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            Anthony Botting

            Karen: Bill is correct but another option you can do for your students is "remote solve". That is, you can push the job from the student's computer to another big-boy computer to perform the solution. The big-boy can be a 64-bit systems with lots and lots of RAM, and of course all students can share it for solving (kind of like the old IBM 360 days when we students had to submit a 'job' on a deck of cards to solve on one computer that everyone shared). Just use keyword "remote" in Flow Simulation "Search" tab of the Help file and you will find instructions. Fairly simple.  Good luck.