eDrawings Hijacking DXF File Associations

Discussion created by Guest on Sep 21, 2006
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eDrawings did not hijack my DXF icons on my install of eDrawings 2007.

I am pretty sure that there is a screen that comes up that asks if you wish your dxf and dwg's to be associated with eDrawings. I say no, so that AutoCAD will be the associated program for dxf/dwg's.

Or when installing eDrawings you will need to to an advanced install so you can see what the program install is going to do and turn off any options you do not wish to include.

In Windows Explorer>Tools>Folder Options>File Types you can manage your file types.

An un-install, then re-associate your dxf/dwg's to AutoCAD, then re-install may work for you to.


Anna Wood
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on 2006 21 03:41 Martin Cox wrote:
> When I installed SW 2006 SP5 & Upgraded edrawings to the same, for some reason
> it hijacked all my DWG & DXF icons.
> The default program for DWG files is still autocad, but when I set the defalt
> file association for DXF files it is set to eDrawings. The DWG icons have now
> reverted to the autocad icon, But the DXF icons are set to eDrawings and I can
> see no way of reverting them back to Autocad.
> This Behaviour is most unwelcome, and if I hid my file extensions would be
> rather inconvienient.
> Why has eDrawings suddenly decided to Hjack DXF files. Most cad operators would
> need to measure or edit a DXF file on opening.
> I need eDrawings to allow our clients to view our 3D models but don't want to
> have to change file associations when I install a SW service pack!
> Regards
> Martin