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    Dual Monitor setup

      Hey guys,


      I have just set up dual monitors on my computer, and wanting to get it right with solidworks.


      I have done a search and found no real answers for what im after.


      I want to be able to have a model on one screen and a drawing on another in the same session of solidworks.


      Can this be done, and if so how? When i restore window and i try and drag to the other screen it is limited to the solidworks window.


      Im running solidworks 2010.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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          Mike Hattingh

          I have my screen configured as one big span so that when I maximise SW it take up all of both monitors (this setting is on video card control panel as pic below). Then in SW open your part and its drawing, and go Window > Tile Vertically (I have this mapped to shortcut key 'T' for speed)


          Let me know how U go


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              Essentially this is what i would want to do, but for some reason i cant span my view. i think the reason might be that the two monitors are of different resolution, or something along those lines.  I pegged down the res on the hp screen to match the other, which essentially i wouldnt want to do, but still the span option didnt appear. The FX1800 does seem like a decent video card, so im not sure.


              But at the moment, i have sort of worked my way around it and with a bit of fiddling around im happy.

              Thanks for your help.



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                  Mike Hattingh

                  If you are really serious about getting a good layout like you say with a part and a drg open, my recomendation is to have 2 identical monitors. I have 2 LG 21.5"monitors with res of 1680  x 1050, configured as horizontal span, windows sees it as 1 biiiiiiiig screen....






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                      i wish mate, i just have to deal with what i can find here at work, im not in a position to be asking the company to buy me a new screen to set up dual display perfectly


                      im happy with what i have, its just getting the fine tweaks right


                      thanks for your input though

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                      Kieran Choy

                      Dean, looks like Mike has nView enabled. In Control Panel, you should have NVIDIA nView Desktop Manager listed. Enable it, and then you should have a lot more control over your desktop. You can also access it after enabling if you RMB on the Desktop. I haven't played around with it though.

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                    Denzil Searle

                    You can't take the part or drawing window outside the main window, so the only way to do this is as Mike says, or else run two instances of SW. I tend to have the main window one one monitor, and float the Command Manager onto the other one to leave a relatively uncluttered main window.


                    I'd like to see SW introduce more flexible support for multiple monitors. The way The GIMP does it would be good, with each part, assembly or drawing window being able to float independently.

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                        Thank you for the help.  Would be good to be able to float a drawing window outside the main window. would make life alot easier.


                        Two versions of solidworks doesnt seem to work for what i want.  If i have a drawing in one version and the part for that drawing in the other, they dont link.  When i open the part it says that i can only open read only cause the drawing is already open by me in another session.