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    Automatic Snapping and Relations

    David Harris

      I have snapping and automatic relations enabled, but I don't understand the rules behind the adding of relations. When drawing a line and allowing the vertical snap the relation is added. However, when sketching points in the hole wizard and I want to create a simple rectangular array of holes the snap relations do not get applied. As I insert a point the snap for horizontal and vertical appear and I am able to snap, but the horizontal or vertical relations are not applied. I have to go back and apply them manually. Any insight?

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          Kelvin Lamport

          I think you are confusing Inferencing with Snapping.


          Points and end points don't become constrained to other points and end points unless they coincide or are connected by other geometry.


          Consider two vertical lines, each starting from opposite ends of a common horizontal line. When dragged, the end of one vertical line will show the dotted inference line when it becomes horizontal to the other, but it will not be constrained to it. A constraint will have to be manually applied, or a horizontal connecting line will have to be drawn.