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Acrobat Standard and EPDM

Question asked by Kevin Vaughan on Jul 6, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2010 by Steve Ostrovsky

EPDM Version 2010 SP 3.1,


I would like to be able to use acrobat to pdf and combine files in the vault.  I own and have chaecked out all files in question.


When I attempt to combine files I get various combinations of error messages from both EPDM and acrobat


EPDM - No Database Connected with this view -  Is this related to acrobate attempting to write to a EPDM location, but not having an addin?  Ho


Acrobat thinks the files cannot be converted to pdf (not true outside of epdm)


Can acrobat work with files in the vault?


The convert task does not apply, it is for SW files.  I do not wish to write my own task for non SW files - acrobat works for all formats I need to support.