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    Alex Hongayo

      Good Day!


      I have an inquiry regarding the simulation, from the scenario: given are the thickness (t), width (b), length (l) & (k) for deflection.


      Q1. Can simulation determine the force?

      Q2. where to find the SN curve value for Be Cu? to load in solidworks library.


      Thanks a lot!

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          Vio Vivio

          With COSMOSXPRESS, you can define a force and see the displacement. And then tune the force to produce you desired K.

          Perhaps COMOSworks can do better, but I haven't played with it.


          The SN curve for sure you'll find in a book about different materials

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            Anthony Botting

            Hi Alex. Yes. In SolidWorks Premium (which includes Simulation, static analysis), you can define a non-zero displacement on the component using "Advanced Fixtures" command. Run. Next, list reaction forces on the entity with the non-zero displacement, so you can calculate K.

            For S/N curves for that particular material, you will likely need to locate a test facility who would love to sell you that data.

            Hope that helps.