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    Exporting full Assemblies as .dwg

    Juan Gardner



      I've read a few older discussion posts about possibly exporting full assemblies as a .dwg. I have a client that needs a 3D version of an assembly created in SW2010. Some previous posts said to save as ACIS- version 4 and then convert to .dwg, but when I go to open the ACIS file it locks up SW and I have to force quit the program. Maybe I'm using the wrong options to save the ACIS?  I have the Solid/Surface Geometry, version 4.0, Export face/edge properties, and Split periodic faces selected. Could one of these options be my problem? Or does anyone else know of another way to get a full assembly to .dwg format?



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          Jerry Steiger



          I think what people were suggesting was that you export from SW in ACIS into an AutoCAD product, then export in AutoCAD as 3D .dwg. Opening the ACIS file in SW doesn't get you anywhere. No matter how you try, SW can't export a 3D .dwg, just 2D. You will have to export Parasolid, ACIS, STEP or IGES. The AutoCAD  or other product you are exporting to needs to be able to import one of the above. You may be able to go to an intermediate program that will import from SW and export a 3D .dwg that AutoCAD can use.


          I have had more trouble exporting ACIS files than STEP or IGES. If you have access to an AutoCAD product which can import STEP, I would try that as my second choice, with IGES as the third choice.


          Jerry Steiger

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            Dougal Hiscock

            I agree with Jerry's comments, but it seems strange that solidworks cannot open an ACIS file which it has created.


            I should add the only time I have tried exporting an ACIS to an autocad user, they couldn't import the file.  The option just wasn't there.