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2010 SP4.0 Design Table Bug

Question asked by David Seabaugh on Jul 2, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2010 by Dougal Hiscock

Why does SolidWorks release a Service Pack (SP 4.0 for 2010 64 bit) that greatly reduces their product's functionality?  When you open a design table within SolidWorks you get all the functionality that SolidWorks has always offered.  When you open a design table in a new window, SolidWorks functionality is virtually gone.  You cannot even measure with a design table open in a new window.  Forget trying to select a new configuration or even open a sketch to select a dimension.  I've reproduced this problem on two different workstations.  As you all know, working with large design tables often requires using a new window. Is this an undocumented design feature (aka BUG) or is this intentional?