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    File format

    Shamal Authar



      I would like to find out what file format is usede to communicate between 3D studio max and Solidworks

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          Anna Wood

          Look in both SolidWorks and 3D Studio Max and see what files types they can open and save as (import & export).


          What do you wish to do with the files?


          Are you exporting out of 3DSM and into SW, or the other way?


          Give us more detail on what your are trying to achieve so the group can give you more relevant answers to your question.





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            Matthew Lorono

            I've used IGES as a neutral format between the two before.

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              Shamal Authar

              We do have a client using 3D Studio Max, and they want to take assemblies designed in SolidWorks into 3DSM in order to render it. (Apparently it will be quicker to render it in 3DSM instead of SolidWorks, is this true?)

              So, basically they want to design their products in SW and render in 3DSM.


              Thanks for your help so far!

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                  Charles Culp



                  There are two options. SolidWorks uses NURBS models, and 3D Studio uses mesh models. So there is no good translation, but you can either:


                  1. Export IGES in Solidworks (which is a NURBS model), and then use the 3D Studio importer to convert that nurbs to a native mesh format.


                  2. Export a .stl file from Solidworks, which will be a mesh format. Then 3D Studio will not have to do any conversion.


                  I often do both, and then see which looks better in 3D Studio. For complex parts I have had better success using .stl, and having SolidWorks do the conversion. For prismatic parts (flat faces), using IGES and letting 3D Studio do the conversion seems to work better.