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Creep analysis

Question asked by 1-FKI4X8 on Jul 2, 2010

hi all,

i am working on a problem which is a arrangement for a brake assembly. I have a body as well as a plunger part. the working pressure inside is 35 bar. the working conditions are it has to pass 70,000 cycles between -40 deg C and 120 deg C. second case is for 5,00,000 cycles at ambient temparature. To work on this i have created thermal studies for both temparature ranges, i mean to say thermal study at -40 deg C and then create thermal stress study for -40 deg C, similarly i have done for other temparatures also (i.e 120 deg C and 25 deg C). Finally combined them. this then i took into fatigue studies as events inside for 70,000 and 5,00,000 cycles and did the damage and life plots, this comes out to be satisfactory.

What i want though is to do creep analysis, i searched internet, different forums and even searched knowledge base and the tutorial example but none of them expalin the methodology of carrying out the simulation inside Solidworks and also no hint on how to understand the creep results. I have all material information like C1,C2,C3 constants. what else do i need and how to set up and run analysis. i have also attached an image for your reference.  thanks in advance