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The C Datum symbol is not connecting correctly in the drawing when imported from the model with the gtol display options set to have the feature control not attached to the datum but a surface.

Question asked by Joe Reighley on Jul 1, 2010

DimXpert applied datums and feature control frames as requested.  Primary is a face. Secondary is a dowel hole and the tertiary is the centerline of slot flats.  Tertiary was created using width; not the slot icon in the pallet selection.  Slot was also filtered out of the checkbox for all features. The model displays correctly with the C datum showing on the slot width opposite the size and feature control frame.


The Front View (A) scheme is imported (dragged) onto a drawing from the View Pallet. The slot size and position feature control frame are correct. The C datum symbol is incorrectly connected to the opposite side arrow horizontally and it should be vertical to replace the arrow per the Y14.5 standard. Suggestions..?