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    Lists not updating periodically

    Alexander Zeitler



      I created a list which should update periodically from a SharePoint table.


      When clicking the "Test"-Button inside the EPDM Administration tool, the data is refreshed correctly but when editing a card in card editor and selecting a default value from this list, the data is not up to date.


      Even worse, the data is not refreshed when using the data card.


      The update time is set to 1 minute.


      Am I missing some rights?



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          Joy Garon

          Hi Alexander -


          I don't think rights is the problem.

          I can't recall ever having a different result with the test button and the pulldown on the card.


          Did you save the list before you tried using it one the card?

          Are you sure the list you are pushing the test button on is the same one referenced on the data card?





          p.s. you might want to try restarting the database service...

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            David Ouellette

            I've found that switching to save on creation and saving and switching back to periododic save and saving again, forces the update. This is a workaround and not the cause of the problem. The periodic updated does not work.

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              Chris Haught

              I am also experiencing this issue.


              In the EPDM Administration List, I have 3 lists (Customer Name, City, and Country).  They are all set to a periodic update of 1 minute and I am using the following list code:


              Select distinct Vv.ValueCache

              From VariableValue Vv

              Where Vv.VariableID =  ( select variableid

                 from variable

                 where Variablename like 'City') And

                    Vv.ValueCache != ''

              Order by Vv.ValueCache ASC


              When I create a new entry using my template card, I used Combobox so that either a new entry for the variable list could be entered OR a previous selection could be made.  Once the template card is filled out properly, it creates the proper folder structure and copies them down accordingly; however new entries into the variable field are not saved unless you do what Alexander did.


              So I guess the question is, how do we get the list to periodically update and save the new unique entries?