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How to Link The Cut List Item Name to a Balloon or Note?

Question asked by 1-RW0Y7J on Jun 29, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2014 by Thomas Belflower

The default weldment cutlist table lists a Cutlist Item name as a Part NO. So in a large weldment (69 cut list items) I have changed the item names to part numbers.  I would like to link a note to each of these part number.  How to do so?I have looked at many forums and lots of people give the same answer.  Which is- link a balloon to a custom weldment property.  What they don't seem to understand is that in order for that to work one must first make a custom weldment property and then manually enter or cut and paste the cut list names into that property.  This completely defeats the purpose of making the link.  If I am to manually enter or cut and paste every name into a property than I might as well do that into the note I'm looking to create.  The questions that need answering are 1. what is the syntax for cut list item name? and 2. why is cutlist item name not on the standard list of links like SW-file name just as it was in sw2007?  I have tried so many different syntax applied to notes, balloons, and custom properties like $PRPWLD:"cutlistname", "cutlistitem"."cutlistitemname" with spaces, without spaces, with brackets, without brackets.  Nothing seems to work.  I believe there is a syntax that will work because the cut list item name (if that is what it is really called) appear in the default weldment cutlist table under Part No. or under any column in which the "cut list item name" radio button is checked.

There is already a similar question in posted.  This question has been marked as "answered", but the answer is as I stated above "link a balloon to a custom weldment property".  Unless there is code like "name@@@xxxx@X.sldprt" that can be placed in this property to retrieve the item name than this answer is NOT satisfactory.  Even if such code exists the xxx is usually the item name itself (again defeating the purpose of a link).  In predefined weldment custom properties such as Material, SW is able to fill in the xxx as the item name.  Therefore it is somehow linked to what ever is typed as the item name, reinforcing my belief in some syntax that can make this link.

There are so many other issues with cutlists that frustrate me, like - if a column is created in a cut list table I can make a formula in a cell in that column but cannot propagate that formula down the entire column as can been done in general tables and BOMs.  Why hasn't ALL the standard functions users expect from tables been incorporated into cutlist tables?  They seem to work much differently but they shouldn't.  A table should be a table and should work like a table with all spreadsheet and sortablity functions build in (even some data base query functions would be nice).  The functional difference between cutlist tables, BOMs, or any table should lie solely in the template formatting and intended use of the table not in the limits imposed on its pre-formatting functionality. Many of "table issues" I have overcome by avoiding cutlist tables.  Solidworks weldments lend themselves so naturally to my current project, which includes lots of structural members and plate fabricated weldments, that I would love to use cutlist tables if they only worked like other tables.    

I'm using SW 2010