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How to get a bright, clear rendering of a monitor w/ display?

Question asked by Brandon Griffin on Jun 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2010 by Rob Rodríguez



I'm trying to get a good rendering of a video monitor. I made the face of the LCD monitor have a "green backlit LCD" appearance (which I changed to a white color). I have a screen capture I want to apply as a decal over this so that, in a rendering of the monitor in a dark room, the image would appear as it would in real life - bright and clear with vibrant colors.


Everything looks good in Solidworks and RealView Mode. The Photoworks rendering turns out how I want it to. But when I bring it into PV360, which is what I typically use, I can't get the desired rendering. The screen comes in as a bright, blank white face, but you can faintly see the decal on the floor reflection. If I turn the luminous intensity of the face down to 0.5, the decal will appear but everything will be washed out in the preview. Rendering doesn't give any better results.


I've attached a few screen captures to show what I mean. Does anyone have a good method for getting bright screens to render correctly in PV360, or am I stuck with PW for now?