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Is DimXpert able to dimension a slot per Y14.5M-1994. See Fig 5.10.1. page 143

Question asked by Joe Reighley on Jun 29, 2010
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2010 by Joe Reighley

I have created a slot in a sketch using the centerline straight slot command. DimXpert has identified the feature as a slot and applied the width and height sizes with no centerlines. Geometric tolerance for position was attempted with the expectation that the basic dimensions would be added from the sketch. The attempt was not successful.  I wish to have the model display slot size and basic dimension shown in each direction per Y14.5M-1994. See Fig 5.10.1. This requires slot centerlines for the basic dimensions and the ability to place separate feature control frames for vertical and horizontal placement.  Geometric tolerance for position is not an option in this sketch. Can this feature be fully dimensioned in DixXpert?  I am able to create a work around on the drawing but I prefer a fully defined export from DimXpert.


Hi Joe - After going back-and-forth with SolidWorks a couple of times they've decided that this is a limitation vs. a bug. Here is the text of their response:

SR 1-1700202841 (VAR SR# 46-60755) has been updated.

Thanks for providing the details and apologies for delay in response.

This is a current limitation. Please submit an enhancement request for  this issue.

Enhancement requests are handled by the Product Definition team and should be submitted directly to them via the following form on the SolidWorks web site:

The enhancement requests that come from users get weighted more heavily than those from resellers so I would encourage you to submit a request when you have the time.


Please let me know if you have any questions or further issues.


Regards - Bill




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Thanks for the help. An ER was generated. This is a know limitation per DDI.


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