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Different but same items in toolbox (what's that all about)

Question asked by Robert Thomson on Jun 29, 2010

We have our own file names for fasteners and each time we bring in a new one, we use favorites to "rename" them.  Looking in the ANSI Metric bolts and screw section, for SHCS there is "socket head cap screw_1am.sldprt" and "socket head cap screw_am.sldprt".  Why are there 2 and what is the difference?  This leads to another oddity I was seeing.  When going into older files, before we "renamed" the fasteners, I do an "edit toolbox dimension" and rename them.  The list of what fasteners have already been renamed will vary in the same assembly model.  Is this because at one point I inserted the ..._1am shcs and another size came in as ..._am?  I hope my rambling makes sense.