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IntelliMotion, Tutorial, Help?!

Question asked by 1-M9Z0PK on Jun 28, 2010
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I am very new to Cosmos Motion and I want to do some simulations. But I cannot find the help of my CosmosM 2008? Where is it? In cosmos motion folder there is only parts and assemblies, no documents.


I found a tutorial about motion in CosmosWorks called " Loads from COSMOSMotion". When I opened this assembly it said "click the Motion tab to start the IntelliMotion Browser". But I could not find neither Motion tab nor IntelliMotion Browser. Where are they? I am using SW2008 with CosmosM 2008.


Also, in the tutorial when  I cilcked "CosmosMotion" near "Model" tab, I saw a different interface then the one that I chose the "Cosmos Motion" from drop down box instead of "Assembly Motion" at "Motion Study 1" tab. Is my Cosmos Motion version is wrong or what? In the different Cosmos Motion interface, when I right clicked the "Motion Model" I saw "Help" and "Welcome" but by clicking both of them I could not reach neither "Help" of "Tutorials/Exercises". I think some part of my Cosmos Motion is missing but how can I download it or install it? Thank you for your attention!