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    Creating template folder with different files?

    Dennis Hvam



      When I saw this Card Editor - Icon (image) Control about different icons showing depending on a dropdown list. I started thinking about if there was a possibility to create a template folder using EPDM ofc. containing different file types depending on the selection:

      Datacard med muligheder.jpg

      Like this one, it appears when I create a folder, I would like to use check boxes to control which files would be created inside the template folder.


      There doesn't seem to be any logic on the datacard/template card which could control this.


      Any suggestions? (And I don't want 3 different folder selection, one for dwg, one for word and one for solidworks files )



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          Kishore Garakipati



          Yes, It is possible if you can  pass the folder data card variable values to the files during the template folder & file creation.


          1. First from the Admin side, we need to design the templates as shown in the image attached. We need to configure the template card variables (for SolidWorks, Word and Drawing types) in such a way that these values will be carry forward to the individual file data cards.
            • Ex: SolidWorks_CheckBox variable value from the folder data card should go and feed value in SolidWorks data card (NULL value if not selected), Drawing_CheckBox variable value in the folder data card should go and feed value in Drawing_CheckBox (NULL value if not selected) and so on. This can be achieved with proper template card definition.
          2. From the client side when we use the template to create the folder and the required files, the folder along with all three files (SolidWorks, DWG & Word files) will be created in the EPDM vault. Here if user didn't select DWG file type, the autocad drawing file will be created but with data card variable value "NULL" for the variable "Drawing_CheckBox".
          3. Using dispatch tool provided by EPDM, we can filter to see for the files with data card variable values "NULL" and use "Delete" action available in the dispatch tool to delete the "NULL" value files.
          4. The delete logics can be derived from the document number & file format type variable values as well.


          The only unfortunate thing with above solution all the three files will have to be created first and we need to use dispatch to automatically delete the rest of files which are having the "NULL" values.


          The EPDM administrator however has to keep cleaning (using destroy option) the "EPDM Recovery Bin" in regular intervals.


          Hope this information is useful