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Question asked by Corey Vantilborg on Jun 28, 2010
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    I am attempting to implement this in a stand alone application(VB.NET 2008)


   I added this:


   Implements IEdmGetOpCallback
    Public Sub IEdmGetOpCallback_ProgressBegin(ByVal eType As EdmProgressType, ByVal eEvent As EdmUnlockEvent, ByVal iSteps As Integer) Implements IEdmGetOpCallback.ProgressBegin
    End Sub


     Which gives me the error:


Error 1 'IEdmGetOpCallback_ProgressBegin' cannot implement 'ProgressBegin' because there is no matching sub on interface 'EdmLib.IEdmGetOpCallback'. C:\Users\cvantilborg\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\Vault_Support_Update\Vault_Support_Update\Form1.vb 8 148 Vault_Support_Update


   Anyone have any idea whats going on? When I check in the object browser it looks like ProgressBegin does exist.



Corey Vantilborg

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