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local/roaming profiles, sw settings, and me, and you...

Question asked by Mark Lennon on Jun 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2010 by Anna Wood

Good afternoon everyone...


I've been running into issues for a long while now at work, and I feel kind of crippled, and not sure where to turn.


When I first started working at my current employer, all was relatively good. We were using SW 2006, we weren't using PDM, and we weren't a part of a corporate "profile."


Fast forward to today, we've got XP boxes, with approved video cards (albeit low end cards), Innocielo PDM, and local/roaming profiles within engineering.


I'm no longer able to save toolbar settings, nor am I able to export preference files  thru Solidworks / SW2009 Tools / Copy Settings Wizard.


Before all of the changes (none of which I understand), I was able to save those settings...and now I can't.


Now recently, I've been locked out of modifying the units of precision in a part. If I've got a part open, and I go to the 'evaluate' toolbar and grab the tape measure...and then go try and modify the units from say 3, to 6 everything is peachy, until I try to close out the window by clicking "OK."


I then get a message that says: "Please enter an integer between 2 and 256."




I tried writing a msg to my local user group, with limiited success. That thread is here:


I have not tried our VAR yet...but I would like to try that route as well.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.