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Shadow cast, no visible environment, transparent alpha channel

Question asked by Jeff Mowry on Jun 28, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2010 by Jeff Mowry

OK, I've finally gotten fully involved with PV360.  Though I don't like that I cannot tweak a scene or material, the renderings themselves are quite clean and they set up quickly.  But I have some questions after producing some renderings I needed to process later with Photoshop:


1)  How do I get a shadow to fall across a floor, while not explicitly showing the floor and environment?  If you see my web site, this is the general format I've used for my renderings when I used PhotoWorks (which is now hopelessly broken), and I'd like to mimic these results if possible.  I noticed if I select the option to hide the environment, my shadow also disappears.  (I don't really want a glossy floor--only a shadow.)


2)  When I save a rendering to PNG or TIFF (formats which have alpha channels for transparent backgrounds), the rendering nonetheless renders the background as solid black and not transparent.  Is there a way to change this?  I'd prefer white over black, and transparent over anything.  I don't see any options anywhere to specify this properly.


I appreciate any help with this.  Thanks!