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    Card Editor - Icon (image) Control

    Geir Danielsen

      Is it possible to use 'Control Logic' on an Icon (image) control?
      I want to change image if a droplist value changes.

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          Kishore Garakipati



          I believe that control logic might not work properly with the Icon (image) control. Instead I prefer using tab control which can be controlled by the datacard variable with droplist control.


          Please see "EPDM_CardDes-1.JPG" which shows you the way to define the droplist variable and the tab control. The small trick here is to have same names of the droplist to the tab control names. Unfortunately this will only work if droplist values are same as values used to define the tab contol name. See the administration guide for similar examples.


          Also the tab control names cannot be dynamic and the list has to be maintained manually (if the list values are added, we need to manually add the tab controls accordingly).


          "EPDM_ImageIcon_Datacard_Results.JPG" shows you the results how it looks like.


          Hope this information might be useful.


          Kishore G