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          Alin Vargatu

          Make sure you have "Display surface bodies" option checked in the Section View Property Manager.


          Display surface bodies.jpg

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              I use SW 2009 with sp 2.

              I have the 'display surface bodies' ticked but surfaces are not shown in section

              Wth the 'display only cut faces' ticked the surfaces are not shown at all.

              With the latter unticked the surfaces appear entirely and noit sectioned at all.

              I have tried to do a shallo section of 10 mm or so and the surfaces still show entirely


              Do you know what the problem might be?



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                  Charles Culp

                  This was an enhancement in SW2010.

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                      This was never a "inhancement of 2010" it is an ongoing issue with Solidworks................. the key word is "Solidworks"  Dassault will never fix this problem.....


                      Here's the Deal............. Solids are well......... Solids....... and can be sectioned all day long, however when it boils down to surfaces you are pretty much cutting air, though what really is odd in this case.... try sectioning a surface object in the viewer and whaaaaaaaaaa la....... it sections just fine................ go to a drawing and your just plane out of luck.................... been fighting this for years!!!! they give us all the junk that we can't use and reality just need the stuff we need to work better, faster more effectively........


                      Frustrated yes, building/modeling yachts for a living with surfaces are 90 % of my life............ the other 10% is being creative using SW 2010 to make it work!!!




                      Dassault are you listening?

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                          Matt Lombard

                          I think the discrepancy here is that the Section View tool in the model now works on surfaces, but the section view in drawing doesn't work on surfaces, and if the model is surfaces only, you can't even get section to function. You can section surfaces as part of a solid model in a drawing, and the solid displays as sectioned, but the surfaces don't.


                          So is it effed? Yes, definitely.

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                    Matt Lombard

                    To give you a workaround for the lack of functionality, to make a section of a surface body on a drawing, you will have to create a configuration in the model and trim the surface body, then show the trimmed config on the drawing view.

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                        thanks all for the responses. i did get around the problem by creating section splines in sketches and showing those in the relevant views.

                        .... I did get quite a few white hair before getting there though!!... all these years of software development...