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Thoughts on a Dell XPS9000 w/ modifications

Question asked by Nick Cruz on Jun 25, 2010

I found a way to help save me about a grand in my new system by going with the XPS9000 with some modifications vs a T3500 workstation and I wanted to see what flaws there may be in my logic. 


I have read many good things about the Core i7 980x processor so I am spec'ing the XPS9000 with that.  I cannot get the FireGL Pro that I want so I will either get Dell to make that change for me or I will buy one aftermarket and add it myself.  Other than not being able to configure the XPS9000 online with the FireGLPro video card what are the other limitations that I need to account for?  I see that I cannot get 10k RPM hard drives on the XPS9000 either but unless I will see a large gain in opening files on 10k vs 7.2k (both running at RAID 0) I am ok with that limitation as well.


Thanks for the input.