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Problems with dokuments after reboot

Question asked by 1-NT8UKQ on Jun 25, 2010
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we are running PDMW on a Win 2003 SBS Server. The data is stored on a Raid5 aray.

The current version is 2009SP5.1 for server and clients.

All our SW files are stored on the vault. We are using PDM to store our Word files also.

Norton Internet Security is running on the clients only.


Every time we restart our server (before shutdown we first close all client programs and then finish the PDMWService on the server)

we have some problems with the vault (auto rebuild on each startup activated).

Some of the latest checked in word files (Office2003) do have an owner and the document information is not shown in the tree view.

Before the shutdown all files have been disowned.

We don't have problems with other file types.


We have already disambled the write cache on the sata controler but the problem still exists.


What else could be the reason?