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    Balloons for Indented BOM's

    Scott McFadden

      I have an indented BOM where I have some sub-assemblies that are just showing the

      components of that sub-assembly and sub-assemblies that are shown as sub-assemblies.

      When I go to populate my drawing with the balloons it would appear that the broken up

      sub-assembly components are showing balloons with the item number 1.  When item 1 is not

      even close to representing balloons showing the item number 1


      Has anyone ever run into this and know how to get these balloons to truly represent the

      item number they need to besides manually changing the balloons?



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          Tom Helsley

          Did you try changing this in the BOM property manager?


          6-24-2010 2-39-54 PM.png

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            Gerald Wubs


              I've spoken with our VAR on this topic.  Here is the reply.  This has been opened as a ticket.


            "Your Ticket has been received and a member of our staff will review it and reply accordingly. Listed below are details of this Ticket. Please make sure the Ticket ID remains in the subject at all times."


               Ticket ID: NOU-666665
               Subject: 2010 BOM and text balloons
               Department: Tech Support
               Priority: Question
               Status: 1. Open




            "I wanted to keep you updated with my progress with your BOM issue. It is starting to look like either a bug or limitation with the software. Because it allows you to choose which custom property to link a balloon too, and it shows that custom property in the BOM but that custom property does not get shown in the balloon.


            Solidworks has been trying to find a work around to this, so child components custom properties can be displayed with a flat numbered BOM."


            end of SW reply


            So, this is a bug, and is being worked on.

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              Brian McEwen

              You might also want to check the View Propeties.  There is a drop down that it took me a while and much pain to notice "Link Balloon text to specified table" (in SW 2010 at least).  Provided you were trying to get all balloons to follow a top level BOM this may be the solution. 


              If you don't use that the default is for each sub assy to start over at 1, as if it had a BOM table, even if you didn't create one.